Myths & Facts


Shalom Facts

  • In 2014 Shalom House crisis accommodation provided beds to 32 individuals from late May-mid October
  • In 2014 Shalom House crisis accommodation provided 375 beds for the homeless from late May-mid October.
  • The most common length of stay at Shalom House crisis accommodation was 1 night (2014).
  • The main reason for homelessness most men cited was “relationship issues/breakdown” (2014).
  • The average age of men staying at Shalom House is 37 years (2014).
  • Shalom Inc. receives no government funding and relies solely on community support and donations.
  • Shalom Inc. is loving kept functioning by the dedicated support of approx. 72 volunteers and 1 paid coordinator.

Homelessness Myths and Facts

Myth 1: Homeless People are lazy and should just get a job.
Fact: Ever tried to get a job when you haven’t had a shower, have no decent clothes, haven’t had something to eat, have no qualifications, have a mental illness or you’re over 50 years of age?

 Myth 2: All homeless people sleep on the street
Fact: Only 5% of Australia’s homeless sleep rough.

Myth 3: All Homeless people are alcoholics or drug addicts
Fact: Only some homeless people have addiction problems. Some also start using after they have become homeless and many do not use at all.

 Myth 4: You don’t need to be homeless in Australia, just go on Centrelink.
Fact: There are multiple reasons why people are homeless and finances are only one.

Myth 5: If young people are homeless it’s because they are disobeying their parents and they deserve to be homeless.
Fact: Youth can be homeless for a number of reasons. Some of the major factors include family violence, abuse (physical, emotional, sexual), or harmful parenting practices.

 Myth 6: All Homeless people have a mental Illness.
Fact: A recent study found that only 30% of homeless people had a mental health issue before they became homeless.

Myth 7: All homeless people are criminals and violent
Fact: This is simply not true. There are no statistics that show that the homeless population are any more violent than the general population and are in fact usually victims themselves

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